CDC Board Mission

The Los Fresnos Community Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors and operated under the direction of the Los Fresnos Community Development Corporation Director and Administration LFCDC utilizes ½ of one percent from the local sales tax which is then committed to funding projects and initiatives for the City of Los Fresnos Community Development benefit.
The LFCDC has flexibility to contribute to projects that enhance the aesthetic and cultural value of our City such as street and sidewalk beautification, festivals, museum enhancements, community events, and promotion.
The Los Fresnos Community Development Corporation has been a catalyst for local economic development for over sixteen years. In response to an ever-changing environment, it is now our mission to foster small business development and job creation throughout Los Fresnos.
With a winning combination that includes affordable coastal real estate, Federal incentives, an available workforce and a friendly regulatory environment, the business climate of Los Fresnos has become superior to many cities throughout the nation.
Recognizing that economic prosperity is a collective effort, the LFCDC takes great pride in the local partnerships that make it happen. We attribute much of Los Fresnos's success to business and local government leaders that come together using sound judgment to promote and lead our community in the right direction. Through a partnership between the LFCDC and City of Los Fresnos.
The LFCDC friendly staff provides economic development project updates and funnel requests for area demographics, relocation & expansion opportunities and quality of life information. The same valuable information and resource links can also be accessed anytime via the internet on our website
The LFCDC provides a proactive visionary attitude toward business development, retention and our local quality of life. We are certain you will find Los Fresnos a great place to be. LFCDC is here for you. Please feel free to call our office and ask about doing business in LFCDC. LFCDC and City staff will be happy to help you get started in Paradise.

Los Fresnos Community Development Corporation
A Texas 4B EDC
The Board of Directors meets every first Monday of the month at 6 p.m. or as necessary
• P: (956)-778-8929• C: (956)-233-6182 • Los Fresnos, Tx 78520

“This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.”