Monday, September 16, 2019






Facility Rental


Los Fresnos Memorial Park is an outdoor facility available for private rentals. This lighted facility has picnic seating and barbecue grill, a full court basketball court, and a playground area, zip line, crushed granite walking trail, swimming pool, exercise equipment, covered pavilion. The outdoor facility is open to the public when not rented. Reservation information: 956-233-5768 or come by City Hall at 200 North Brazil St. Los Fresnos Texas 78566.

If you would like to use the Memorial click here for a Request to Use Park Facility Application.

Los Fresnos parks give people an opportunity to spend time enjoying the outdoors, with fresh air, sunshine and exercise on tap for visitors. Take a walk, enjoy the scenery, and de-stress. Studies show people who spend time in parks will be sick less often, which means less time missing from school and work, as well as lower healthcare costs and better overall health. And it’s fun and refreshing. Visit a Los Fresnos park today!

Los Fresnos parks offer our residents the opportunity to enjoy quality time with their family and friends in the great outdoors. Pack a picnic lunch and head out to the park to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine today.

Alcohol is prohibited, all amenities are first come, first serve.